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Today SINI VOGUE would like to tell you about five different styles of watch that every man needs to know. For sure, there are so much more than just five but today we only show you the top 5 only.



One word that describes the dress watch, it's elegance. With elegance, there’s also a simplicity. When you talk about simplicity in menswear, you are talking about black tie the highest form of menswear. So, the same thing falls true with watches that are going to be dress watches. You are going to find that the face actually the numbers sometimes they don't even use numbers they just use little lines right there or we'll see Roman numerals on. Also, it is sometimes not going to have a lot of complications on the face of the watch. For the case, it is going to probably be the thinner cases that way it fits in right underneath the dress shirt. The band is oftentimes going to be made from leather and a dark leather. That lighter leathers are going to be more casual, so if you do get a dress watch, you want to make sure you probably get an interchangeable band with it. In addition, dress watches are oftentimes used precious stones. You'll see it made from gold, from silver, or from other precious metals and they will have diamonds or other stones you know strategically put. Again, simplicity is going to be the key and the word elegance is what describes the dress watch.



Field watch and the word that describes the field watch is rugged. The field watch comes out of World War I and they are military officers had to figure out how to work with the artillery when they were in the infantry to basically be able to time. When they were going to be trying, that you are talking trench warfare here. What they would do is they would get together and this is another key characteristic of a field watch, is it? It's actually got a hacking second hand. So, what's a hacking second hand? A hacking second hand is actually where you can set it; you can hold it and so you can have a group of people we could all set the exact time. Another thing you are going to notice about the field watch is the high contrast on the face. So, the face of the watch oftentimes is going to be large, larger than any of the other styles out there although modern day and more classic ones are going to be in and about forty-five or, you know, forty-three or forty-two. But, the older ones as much as fifty-five across. The other thing is the strap oftentimes you would see nylon and other materials, it was something that you could easily replace.



So, the one word when you think aviator watches is adventure. The first aviator watches were nothing more than field watches, they were taken and worn by aviators, but over the decades the needs of aviators changed and so they required more of their watches. So, these were just going to be a few key characteristics that you're going to see in aviator watches. First off, they're usually going to have a blackface with white numbers. Next, you are going to see pushers on the side of the case. This is going to allow us to start and stop various stop watches and chronographs. So, you are going to oftentimes see multiple chronographs in on the face as well. Now, the time zone vessel, if you see one of these, most likely it's an aviator watch. And finally, the one key characteristic, it's not going to be on all aviator watches, but if you see a circular slide rule also known as a whiz wheel you can pretty much be guaranteed this isn't aviator watches.



The next style of watch is the dive watch and when you think about dive watches you will think about adventure. You think about a watch that has to stand up to the high pressure of being deep underwater and being dark being a guy, being down there with a limited amount of oxygen. You need a watch that is going to be something that you can depend on and it's not going to let you down. So, dive watches were made to be able to withstand high pressures, so that's why you are often going to see a sapphire glass. In addition, on the dive watch it has to be of course waterproof up to 100 -- at least to 100 meters. There are going to be other dive watches out there that are going to go a lot deeper than that. Moreover,  dive watches are going to have a band that's going to be using a rubber or a silicone and it's usually going to have a bit more room that way it can fit over a wetsuit. Finally, two other characteristics you are going to know in dive watches. One of them is actually a counter clock vessel. So, this is a vessel that only rotates in one direction. The reason being, this is going to allow you to know how long you have been under the water and if you inadvertently hit it, it's not going to actually the only way; it would ever show you if you actually turned it is that you have been under longer than you have, therefore because what you don't want to have is actually it showed that you've been under less and you think you have more oxygen than you do, so a very smart invention and something that clearly gives away a dive watch. Besides, dive watches are going to have tritium aluminum illumination and basically this has an isotope that makes it so it glows a bit. A lot of other watches especially lower end ones you're going to have to expose to high sunlight so that they can basically glow under dark, but one that has tritium in it is actually going to be able to glow for the next decade and a half.



Final watch style is the racing watch and the one word that comes to mind when you think of racing watches is the word maverick. Basically, a man pushing the envelope but doing it on his own terms. So, what's cool about racing watches is they don't have a military heritage. Why is this cool? Because they're not going to be constrained by everything else we saw on the other watches when they are trying to get government contracts. So, of the other watches the colors that they use and the designs, they're really utilitarian, very simple. Racing watches, they're going to have a lot more fun. You are going to see them in brighter colors. You are going to see bright blues, you are going to see reds, you are going to see oranges. In addition, sometimes precious stones, at the same time very functional. So, there are two other key characteristics besides the flash that you are going to see in a racing watch. One of them is a chronograph. So, it's basically a small stopwatch, it's going to be on the face of the watch. In addition, you are also going to see a tach meter. Tach meters enable you to figure out distance and speed based off of, you know, information you can take here with time. So, if you're going to be out there racing and you know how long you've been going, you'll be able to be at this speed for this long. You can very quickly figure out what the distance is.

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